Who am I?

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Hi, I am Dale Bothe. I am a young business man making my way through life. Like many young entrepreneurs and business people, I have a tonne of great ideas. I have a few rolling but this is where I will share with you my journey and my successes along the way. I will also share tips that I find handy as well as tools, articles and quotes from those that inspire me to do what I do every day. I work full time in Marketing and spend a few hours on my News and Recipe Sharing websites. I can always better myself and always look for ways to do this.

I was born in Adelaide in 1991 and lived in a few different towns/cities such as Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Sydney and Perth. I currently reside Adelaide where I am focusing my time on Clearun Marketing. I will update this page with some more information when there are things to update :). Please do contact me if you have any questions at all.


My Passions

Graphic Design (see my website)
SEO/SMM (see my website)
Cooking/Baking (see my blog)
Business (see my businesses)


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